See What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum Over An iPhone 6

Pouring Molten Aluminum Over An iPhone 6

We all love iPhones. However, we all have strange desires to know what will happen if something awful is done to the iPhone. In the video below, this guy pours molten Aluminium on a device.

Note: The video player might appear after a few seconds

Pouring Molten Aluminum Over An iPhone 6

Pouring Molten Aluminum Over An iPhone 6

Posted by Technology Today on Saturday, May 9, 2015



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  1. I’m guessing that the maker of this video just hates iPhones. As a qualified engineer myself, I fail to see the value or merit in this.

  2. What’s most surprising to me is how long the iPhone seems to be operational after the molten aluminium has been poured over it, I was half expecting it to totally fail within a second or two.

  3. This site is more stupid every day. Only stupid ppl buy iPhone, and stupid ppl love it. When you buy it you pay more name of it and 1% of price go just to hardware and stuff like that… ANDROID is 100% better then this trash… melt all iphone.

  4. one rich fucking asshole and a pyromaniac demonstrating what kind of an asshole he is … and what was so
    great about this other then this retard having a hardon while demonstrating his nonsense ? nothing …nothing at all. I bet you assholes had the same hardon while you jerked of over tho footage …. there are a lot of people that has to suffer for this iPhone both to be manufactured and disposed … just think about that. this web side has nothing to do with engineering you are just a bunch of losers jerking of over fire

  5. And what does this video ‘prove’?

    What’s the purpose?

    AndI, (surprice) could have told you that ANY phone would act similar to the iPhone in the video!!!

    1. What this proves is that someone has been watching too much Taofledermaus.

      I bet an old Nokia wouldn’t melt ๐Ÿ™‚