See How Worldwide Landmarks Could Be Submerged If Sea Levels Keep Rising

A new set of visualizations have been published by the nonprofit Climate Central and it just shows how wretched the condition of the earth is becoming as time is passing. Rampant global warming has led to rising alarmingly high sea levels.

These images depict multiple landmarks of the world at present along with a comparison picture of how it would look like if the process of global warming is not addressed and controlled.  

It is estimated that by 2100, 10 percent of the land that is currently inhabited by humans will be flooded and go underwater. At that point, the warming threshold of the planet will go beyond 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, The Guardian reports. It is bound to happen if fast and effective measures are not taken.

Buckingham Palace under 5.4F increase

The images show that the Space Center in Houston would be completely flooded by the time global warming augments the heat. Santa Monica Pier would be massively underwater. Even the Pentagon could be close to flooding.

These images were publicized right before the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Houston Space Centre at 2.7F increase

“The decisions that we make at Glasgow and the actions that we take this decade will ramify for hundreds and thousands of years,” Benjamin Strauss, CEO, and chief scientist at Climate Central told The Guardian. “This group is going to be remembered for what they chose: did you choose a thriving future with a livable climate, or did you choose to drown the coastal places of the world?”

According to Strauss, “we’ve seen about a foot of sea-level rise over the last century.”

“Over the next century, we could experience anywhere between ten and 30 feet,” he added.

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