This Security Robot Will Discover Concealed Weapons To Prevent Crime

Are robots taking over our lives? More like taking their own lives. In all seriousness, robot security guards are causing some disasters like running over toddlers and drowning themselves in water. The Knightscope security robot had its fair share of popularity. It reached the headlines mostly for its troubles, but the company did not back down.

The Mountain View-based firm continues to extend its robot security family, and they just added two new ones to it. Willian Santana Li, CEO of the company, announced in a press conference that the new K1 and K7 are designed to “predict and prevent crime,” just like their older siblings.

“I don’t believe the founders of our country ever expected us to build a society where going to work, going to school, going to a movie theater, or going to malls literally came with the risk of being shot or killed,” Li said. “That is not the society that we are supposed to build.”

We may not be able to change the society with technology, but we sure can prevent crime. Knightscope hopes to do just that! The main purpose of the robot will be to serve the airport security and replace the body-scanning machines. The robot is smaller than the traditional scanners and does not require a person to be enclosed in a tube. They are fitted with cameras, sonar, LIDAR, Wi-Fi, cellular capabilities, and the battery lasts 2.5 hours of operation.

Keeping in mind the previous track record, we are keeping our fingers crossed. We hope that this robot will work as per our expectations to make this world peaceful and crime-free.

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