Sea Trees Are Skyscrapers That Have Been Designed For Wildlife To Live In

Sea Tree Skyscraper

As building sites and large-scale developments are taking the place of green spots around the world, architects are in continuous effort to find means to replace them. A group of Dutch-based architects formulated an idea according to which gigantic buildings can be built with layers of green spaces in them where flora and fauna could live.

These structures, named the Sea Tree, would be bedded under the sea so that fish and coral can dwell in there and would also have space for animals and birds to live in above ground.Sea Tree Skyscraper3

As per Waterstudio, “Urbanization and climate change put a lot of pressure on available space for nature in city centers. New initiatives for adding extra park zones to a city are rare. Yet these kind of additional habitats for birds, bees, bats and other small animals could bring a lot of positive green effects to the environment of a city.”

The concept of Waterstudio called the Sea Tree was developed to increase high density green plots to towns and cities. This soaring structure would be built using offshore technology and resources, analogous to the oil storage towers and the way they are powered out at sea.Sea Tree Skyscraper2

The principle idea is that big oil companies would provide a Sea Tree and that the trees could be built on seas, rivers, lakes and harbors. The depth and height of the Sea Tree would be adjusted depending upon its location. Waterstudio revealed that the Sea Trees would be fixed to the sea bed using a cable system so that it stays in its place. In addition to offering a home for nature, the green structures also help in decreasing CO2 emissions produced by cities and towns.Sea Tree Skyscraper4

“The beauty of the design is that it provides a solution, and at the same time does not cost expensive space on land while the effect of the species living in the Sea Tree will affect a zone of several miles around the moored location,” explained Waterstudio. “For as we know, this floating tower will be the first floating object 100 per cent built and designed for flora and fauna.”

The architects at the firm derived their motivation from a project in Holland where they were asked by ecologists to provide environments for animals which humans cannot disturb, shares the firm. The Sea Tree design’s cost has been assessed to be at €1 million (£786,100) depending upon mooring facilities, water depth and transportation from construction site to the selected city. Further cost modifications would be determined by the desired flora and fauna.Sea Tree Skyscraper5

Construction will be started once the location of trees is confirmed and costs have been negotiated with the oil companies.

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