Scientists May Have Found An Explanation For The Mysterious Red Glow In The Ocean

You must be aware of the bizarre red glow that was captured recently by pilot “Dustin Maggard” over the Pacific Ocean. The topic seemed to have taken the internet by storm over the curiosity among users on different social media platforms. The photos that went viral last week have finally taken on a shape that actually flipped the script and rubbished any unnecessary fears. Basically, the matter was being investigated by Dr. Neil Jacobs, who is a prominent weather modeling expert, and stated that the mysterious red glow over the Pacific Ocean emerged from the fishing boats and there is nothing to be concerned about.

The news has been reported by CNN and, as per Jacobs, the use of these red lights over the boats is completely normal for fishing in the Pacific saury. The main reason behind using these red lights is that fish are attracted by the light and come into the trap of fishers hunting them. The news outlet, CNN, recorded a short clip in which Jacob said, “They were commercial fishing vessels. I am [very certain].” As a matter of fact, the tweets depicted below give a very valid explanation for the cause behind this phenomenon, which also makes people understand its nature.

To dig deeper into the research, Jacob investigated the matter by extracting the whole database of fishing ships used over the Pacific Ocean and then used his prior understanding regarding the location and the practices conducted over here to further discover those ships that were emancipating red lights into the ocean. Interestingly, these red lights are of such a high intensity that they can also be seen from the International Space Station (ISS), as stated by the CNN reporter, Mr. Jeanne Moos.

Moreover, the senior journalist, Ravi Prakash Kumar, has also posted photos of these fishing boats in his tweets, and we can see how luminous this red light is. But if seen from the other side of the coin, these red lights show that fishing is very active in Japan, and it can be proven from the fact that in 2019, the establishment there issued a warning on “overfishing.” To put that in perspective, it is evident that these pictures shared of the Pacific Ocean engrossed deep details in them.

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