Scientists Invent A New Drug That Can Replicate The Health Benefits Of Exercise


Time and again we have to watch those cheeky telemarketing ads claiming to have found the perfect weight loss formula without needing any exercise. While we huff and scuff away the crazy ads, deep down we do dream of an ultimate utopia where this would be remotely possible.

If that’s the case, then hold on to your chairs, as you’re about to get a truly mind blowing news. Researchers at Deakin University in Melbourne claim to have made a breakthrough that can make them favourites with seasonal couch potatoes. They have created a new drug that can translate and mimic some of the key important effects of exercise, without performing any exercise!

Pic Credits: qz
Pic Credits: qz

This amazing discovery has been the result of a decade-long research and dedication by the biologists. Sean McGee, an associate professor of medical biology at Deakin University along with his team began by analysing the molecular response to exercise in muscles. They found that the genes which control lipid(fat) metabolism switch on when a person exercises, enabling the fat burning process. And by identifying the protein that keeps the genes turned off, the team was able to genetically manipulate it in order to artificially switch on the fat-burning genes.

Scientists published their findings in Cell Reports earlier this week and conducted their experiments on some overweight lab mice. The results suggest that the mice who were given the drug showed lesser or no signs of cardiovascular disease. After being proved on the mice, the researchers are looking to redesign the drug in order to make it usable for human beings and hope they will be able to do so within the next 5 to 10 years.

Pic Credits: qz
Pic Credits: qz

The good news ends here though, as McGee was quick to point out that despite the health benefits, it does not replicate all the effects and advantages of exercise. For example, it will not be able to increase the amount of endorphins as much as an exercise stint can.

Also, you cannot use the drug for weight loss, as evident from the results of the report. McGee said, “Although it increases energy expenditure and fat burning, mice treated with the drug also ate a little bit more, meaning they remained weight stable”.

This drug is primarily focused on helping people with serious issues like Diabetes type 2 and chronic obesity or the elderly and the people struggle to do physical exercise. But in no way it is aimed to reward laziness and help people avoid exercising.

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