Scientists Have Spotted An Extremely Rare Phenomenon In Space That Happened Last Week

The discourse about going to the moon or space occurs every now and then. Scientists and researchers are working day and night to make space more accessible, and people are mesmerized by the idea is going there. Still, some of the celestial events and fascinating phenomena sometimes exhibit themselves in the night sky and people are blessed with the ethereal sights.

The astronomers are the ones often searching for such displays. They keep records of the past and historic events to predict the timings of the future ones. Recently, such an astronomical exhibit was experienced by astronomers, and it left them amazed by the beauty of nature.

Last week, an event called ‘triple transit’ occurred. In this event, three of the moons of planet Jupiter pass in front of the planet. These moons are Jupiter’s Galilean moons: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. The Washington Post states that they were named these by Galileo in 1610 when he discovered them.

The event occurred on August 16. Before this, the same triple transit was recorded in 2015. Now, in the future, another triple transit is expected to be displayed in 2032. Besides triple transit, another alluring thing occurred as well. It was called the ‘mutual events.’

In this event, Europa passed out of Earthlings’ sightline underneath Ganymede. The moon appeared again and Ganymede overshadowed Europa, making it undergo an eclipse. Such sights are amazing to see and people regret if they miss out on events like this that are significantly rare and present an amazing panorama for the eyes. This event was made known among people because NASA featured Go’s images as their Astronomy Picture of the Day yesterday.

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