Scientists Have Found A Mysterious Metallic Orb In Mexico – And It Could Hold Valuable Information


The arrival of the mysterious metallic orb on Earth out of nowhere has become the talk of the town lately. The orb landed on the Earth last Sunday and since then, it has become one of the big talking points among speculators on social media. Everyone has been examining it according to his/her knowledge until recently, a renowned metrologist, Isidro Cano, who hails from Mexico, has presented some insightful information regarding the orb. He said, “It is a very hard plastic or an alloy of various metals that fell from the sky on a tree in Veracruz.”

Coupled with this, Cano claimed that there might be a possibility that the metallic orb originated from the Chinese rocket as a small, fallen part that had recently crashed into the Indian Ocean. While this is true, this is not the first time such a mysterious thing has made its way to Earth. There have been several cases like this before; that happened in November 2020, when an unidentified “metal monolith” landed in the Utah Desert without containing any information. After some time, it disappeared, leaving the people stunned.

However, regarding this latest metallic orb, Cano posted on his Facebook stating, “Personal suggestion: do not touch it or get close to it until it is reviewed by specialists…it may be radioactive. On the outside of the sphere there is a code, but no hole or slit through which it could be opened. These spheres have a timing mechanism that, at a certain time, they open by themselves and show the valuable information they have inside. “

For the safety concerns, he notified the people as well that they should not open or touch it until someone from the Mexican Navy or the Secretary of National Defense comes and takes it along for examination purposes. After making the rounds on the internet, it seems like the orb has found its destination. Cano reveals in the post that the authorities have arrived to take the orb out of Mexico for further examinations. However, it is still unknown how the orb has made its way here and what the phenomenon behind such frequent occurrences on Earth is.

Cano declared, “The device was removed at 3:15 am by highly trained personnel with specialized equipment, taking all the precautions and following all the protocols that the case required. The object is no longer in the state of Veracruz and its final destination will be beyond our borders… Will the authorities say that this was a joke or fake news?… “National security issue: closed.”


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