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Scientists Have Discovered A Tiny Planet That Is Headings Towards Our Solar System

It is true that only a minute portion of the universe is known to us and there are several galaxies and celestial systems that are still unknown to mankind. Earth, when compared to the magnitude of the entire universe, seems like a negligible proportion of the entirety. There is a myriad of planets roaming around in outer space. Every now and then, a body like that wanders close to the Earth and we are able to identify it.

A preliminary report from New Atlas has shown that a planet, not heard of before, will be crossing paths with our solar system soon. This planet allegedly has a 600,000-year orbit. The chances of impact are almost close to zero, but the proximity is noticeable, and it is not every day a planet wanders so close to our Earth.

The planet orbiting close to the Earth is called UN271 and has a diameter between 100 and 370 km. it was discovered for the first time from the data of 2014 and 2018. This database collection was done under the Dark Energy Survey. The size of the planet is bigger than most planets of its kind and it is obvious how huge it stands.

According to Sam Deen from a post in the Minor Planet Mailing List (MPML) forum, this size is comparable to the Sarabat’s comet, C/1729 P1 which is the biggest Oort Cloud known as of now. The path followed by the UN271 is not a straight one. It moves to and from the inner solar system. The planet, at present, is closer to the sun than Neptune is and will be closest to the sun by 2031. The Oort cloud expected to be created due to the evaporation caused by the sun on the surface of UN271 will be seen by adept astronomers with powerful equipment. This mesmerizing sight will most likely be missed by young astronomers. It is likely to be seen crossing the orbit, however.

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