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Son Almost Kills Father By Spiking His Tea In Attempt To Steal $400,000 In Cryptocurrency

Son Almost Kills Father In Attempt To Steal $400,000 In Cryptocurrency

A man from Maryland identified as Liam Ghershony placed a near-lethal dose of drugs into his father’s tea to take his phone and obtain access to a $400,000 bitcoin account, as reported by the Washington Post.

Gershoney began trading in the bitcoin market with his father after introducing him to it. The father stated that he included his kid as a partner in a $100,000 investing account in an interview. As a result, they both invested in cryptocurrency together, which resulted in a considerable return for them.

The father and son could cash out some of their assets and were left with an after-tax profit of $350,000 since the investment account was now worth even more. However, when Liam got concerned about falling market values when the 2017/2018 bull market began to weaken, problems began to surface. Liam’s usage of drugs, to which he grew addicted, increased his paranoia.

Liam addressed his father about cashing the rest of the wallet and informed him that he needed to sell. However, the father recalls telling his son that he needed to quit doing drugs.

Liam developed a new strategy to liquidate his bitcoin holdings, obsessed with taking control of the situation. They both ate supper before calling it a day, and Liam took advantage of the circumstance by providing his father tea laced with ‘benzos,’ persuading him that the beverage would give him energy. His father remembers drinking the tea but has no recollection of what followed.

Liam obtained his father’s phone and gained access to the account, transferring two-thirds of the wallet to ethereum, another cryptocurrency. Then he left his father alone in the apartment, expecting him to wake up later on his own. 

When he arrived at the hospital, it was revealed that he had been drugged with a large dose of benzodiazepines, leaving him critically dehydrated and with severe organ weakness. He was later hospitalized for four days to recover.
Gershoney was charged with attempted murder at first; however, the charge was lessened attributed to his intentions not to kill his father. He ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to 125 days in prison, as well as two months of drug and mental health rehabilitation.

Liam currently lives in a group home with other recovering addicts and works at a Rockville restaurant.