Scientists Have Concluded That There Is No Way To Stop Ageing

The anti-aging buzzword has a big market. People pour out cash by the buckets for new ways to somehow stop their skin from wrinkling, their hair from falling out or turning grey, and their face from losing its young luster. However, the anti-aging buzzword is a pretty big scam. Nothing can stop time despite what many science fiction films and novels might lead you to believe.

Aging is a natural process and you can’t really put a stop to it. Unless you, you know, freeze yourself. Scientists are once again here to debunk the anti-aging buzzword using the power of, well, science. A new study has come to light from an international collaboration of scientists from 14 different countries. These scientists have come together to put a stop to all the fake anti-aging Mambo Jambo.

The research’s goal is to test the invariant of aging hypothesis that dictates that any species has a relatively fixed rate of aging from adulthood that is likely not affected by any anti-aging products. They are going to take into account a collection of 39 human and non-human primate datasets across seven genera to back up their hypothesis.

According to the researchers, “Our results support the invariant rate of aging hypothesis, implying biological constraints on how much the human rate of aging can be slowed”. This means that anti-aging is bogus and doesn’t really work. Living longer is something you can attribute to better healthcare and living conditions.

Nothing can stop aging and we are all going to grow old. No matter how many anti-aging products we may buy. Perhaps they do slow the process down a little but nothing can confirm that. According to José Manuel Aburto, from Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at Oxford, “Our findings confirm that, in historical populations, life expectancy was low because many people died young”.

He further explained that “But as medical, social, and environmental improvements continued, life expectancy increased. More and more people get to live much longer now. However, the trajectory towards death in old age has not changed. This study suggests evolutionary biology trumps everything and, so far, medical advances have been unable to beat these biological constraints”.

The new study was published in journal Nature Communications which you can read here.

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