Scientists Find A New Way Of Making Shatter Proof Smartphone Screens

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Those three seconds of utter dread and dismay; and that sinking feeling of loss when your phone falls and you have to pick it up to find whether the screen is still intact or not. It’s tragic to happen to anyone! And unless you have the warranty, the predicament could prove a blow on your wallet as well as become a headache for weeks.
Shatter Proof


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But thanks to the scientists from the University of Akron who have found a new way to make phone screens shatter proof. A research paper published recently tells that by adding a layer of electrodes to a polymer surface, the surface can be made extraordinarily tough, durable and flexible. These electrodes are as transparent as the currently used coatings of indium tin oxide (ITO). However, unlike ITO, which is brittle and hence more prone to getting shattered, these electrodes being flexible can withstand repeated peelings and bendings.

Shatter proof-3


Not only more flexible but the films are cheaper as compared to their traditional counterparts. Yu Zhu, UA assistant professor of polymer science, is, hence, very hopeful for this film to emerge on the market as a true ITO competitor. Meanwhile, we can be hopeful that the annoying problem of cracked smartphone screens be solved once and for all with this flexible touchscreen.

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