Scientists Discover The World’s Strongest Material: Carbyne


Stronger - Carbyne 2To construct we need materials and each material has its own unique properties. Scientists and Engineers have been trying to find out more and more materials which can be used for building purposes and whose properties match their requirements. Recently, the paradigm has shifted to nano-materials which are stepping up to be the strongest materials available on our planet. This entire struggle has led us to Carbyne.

Rice press release says; ‘Carbyne is a chain of carbon atoms held together by either double or alternating single and triple atomic bonds.’ With such a simple and somewhat straightforward structure, carbine is 200 times stronger than steel and has twice the tensile strength when compared with Graphene. Graphene was the champion among the nano-materials until now.

Stronger - Carbyne 3Boris Yakobson professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rice said; ‘You could look at it as an ultimately thin Graphene ribbon, reduced to just one atom, or an ultimately thin nano-tube. It could be useful for nano-mechanical systems, in spintronic devices, as sensors, as strong and light materials for mechanical applications or for energy storage.’

Stronger - CarbyneScientists are still working to find a way to start mass production of this material which has been synthesized in the past at room temperature and they have pinned their hopes to this breakthrough which, if achieved, will result in a dawn of a new era since such strong materials would definitely have their affects on industries around the world.

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