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Scientists Conclude That Chocolates Actually Make You Smarter

We have been conditioned in a way that whenever we indulge ourselves in desserts, we automatically feel guilty. We have been reading about facts that claim about chocolate being beneficial to health and a recent study has just confirmed that. So, leave your guilt and take a bite of this amazing thing known as chocolate.

Georgina Chrichton conducted a study that involved about 1,000 participants and concluded that those who ate chocolate at least once a week were able to exhibit to enhanced brain functionality.

The study has been published in a journal, Appetite, and concludes that those who eat chocolate at least once a week excel in critical thinking exercises and were able to think better in abstractions.

Although the results were complex, participants were requested to carry out quite simple tasks such as memorizing phone numbers and remembering items on lists. Having said that, researchers connected the ability to perform these tasks with efficient cognitive function.

Foods that contain flavanols increase the brain activity and chocolate is one of those foods.

Back in 2009, another study concluded that people are capable of solving arithmetic problems more easily if they are given hot cocoa.

Another study in 2014 has shown that diets that contain cocoa can stave off dementia and memory loss.

So, apparently chocolate is beneficial for your brain as well GIVEN that you eat it in a controlled manner.

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