Schlieren Imaging Technique Demonstrates How Important It Is To Wear Face Masks

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected the human race in almost every social setting on the planet. It has been into the debate that either face masks should be worn or not. A lot of studies and researches have taken place to address the importance of using face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Visual Demonstration on Importance of Face Mask

People belonging to different class groups have contradicting views for if the preventive measures should be taken or not. It has prompted more studies and researches, so the people are well aware of the high risks.

One of the latest research by Dr. Joe Hanson was made public through his Youtube channel “It’s Okay To Be Smart” in a video demonstrating the pros of using a face mask. Coughs and sneezes can’t be seen through naked eyes but are visible with the help of the Schlieren imaging technique.

Schlerien Imaging Technique

On a rare occasion, we might see droplets from someone’s sneeze or cough through rays of passing light, but that’s not very often. Dr. Joe Hanson used science to make them more visible using Schlieren imaging technique and slow-motion cameras.

The same method used to demonstrate the flow of air when we breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze with and without a face mask to visualize the difference it can cause in decreasing one’s vulnerability or exposure to the virus. It shows precisely how a cover slowdowns the widespread of the disease.

Talking, coughing, and breathing without a face mask expels air and tiny particles at varying speeds covering a distance nearly about two meters, whereas wearing a mask redirects the trajectory of the particles coming out of the mouth.

The use of a mask greatly influences the air momentum. The study demonstrates that viral transmission can slow down with the use of proper preventive measures, and the use of it is more important for the people already infected with the virus.

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