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Say Hello To World’s First Circular Skateboards

Skating Without Using a Skateboard

Technological advancement has resulted in a number of new gadgets being invented. Here’s one such invention that revolutionizes the pedestrian transportation; circular skates. They impart the feeling of skateboarding but without a board. The users are required to have their feet planted on the inside of ring. This results in the user standing on a platform that resembles pedal and capable of rotating inside the circles on tracks.Skating Without Using a Skateboard 2

The idea is quite straightforward, however, riders will have to muster up an accurate sense of balance in order to have them propelled forward. Beginners can make use of a rod to stabilize the rings. The product’s website explains, “Riders simply place their feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet, propelling riders forward in a serpentine motion similar to longboard skateboarding.”

The end result feels like riders hovering over the sidewalk. Hammacher Schlemmer, website known for unique gifts, is retailing the gadget at $99.95. The product has been released recently and therefore, there is a lack of reviews in the market. If nothing else comes out of them, at least they sure have qualified as one of the top concepts of 2015.

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