Say Hello To NOMARS – US Navy’s New Autonomous Ship That Looks Like Something Out Of Starwars

NOMARS Is An Unmanned Vessel – Courtesy of The U.S. Navy & DARPA

What you are looking at is known as NOMARS (No Manning Required, Ship). It is the result of a collaboration between the US Navy and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – also known as DARPA. This machine, once built, will be able to perform mundane but crucial duties or could also be employed for operations that are deemed too risky.

NOMARS is slated to be an unmanned, autonomous, and robotic ship. If everything goes according to the plan, this ship might prove to be a massive leap into the future and will surpass all other existing unmanned surface vessel developments. NOMARS ship will be smaller as opposed to the conventional manned vessels. Why? Because the designers will be able to take out all of the sections that are linked with humans out of the ship’s design. You can say goodbye to the berths, the ship’s bridge, the mess, the combat information center, the bathrooms, the recreation room, and also the hallways.

The concept ship will sit low in the water and shall feature a high mast that will be used for capturing all communication and sensors. The illustration of NOMARS shows that it will feature four-angled launchers for missiles. DARPA, however, has warned that it might not be possible to create an entirely unmanned ship. However, if that does become possible; the said vessel would prove to be a crucial asset for the Navy.

NOMARS Is An Unmanned Vessel – Courtesy of The U.S. Navy & DARPA

NOMARS could handle duties that are boring but quite necessary including the likes of traveling down the coastline of certain countries and trying to listen to the radio radar and cell phone communications. It could also be used for pulling off risky maneuvers or for saving human lives. Nonetheless, it is evidently clear that a ship such as NOMARS is going to define the future for all of us.

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