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Say Hello To Autonom Cab – An Autonomous Taxi

We are witnessing a record increase in the use of cars thanks to the exponential growth that is happening in the urban areas. This increase in the use of cars is also escalating the number of accidents that are taking place thanks to the traffic congestion that is becoming the defining trait of cities. The question that we face today is how to manage urban mobility effectively? NAVYA has conceived and developed the Autonom Cab – the first autonomous, personalized, and shared mobility solution.

The question of managing urban mobility is not a rhetorical question since according to experts, 70% of the world’s population will be based in cities by 2050. Not to mention that 1 billion cars are being used in the world as of right now and as per the INRIX 2016 study, drivers spent over 65 hours in traffic jams in Paris, 91 hours in Moscow, and 104 hours in Los Angeles. The Autonom Cab has been designed from the very start to be autonomous. This holds true for all the vehicles in the Autonom range. What this means is that the car has no cockpit, steering wheel, or pedals for that matter!

The Autonom Cab will be providing intelligent transportation service for individual trips in urban areas. It is capable of carrying one to six passengers and is being touted as a fluid, continuous, and effective solution. It is also being said that this particular cab caters to user expectations before the trip commences, during the trip and after it is over. The Autonom Cab service is available as a private or a shared service. It stresses on comfort and friendliness. The passengers can choose to work once on board by taking advantage of the completely connected technology or can opt for the interactive cultural visit of the city. They can also choose a playlist, buy museum or cinema tickets.

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