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Here Are The 4 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

Credits: thymebombe

Car insurance is a piece of cake for those who have a perfect driving record and have never filed a claim. Check mark these two things and you are good to go, but we all know that this is quite a check list! Dealing with car insurance companies can become a headache for the simpleton. Even if you are pretty nifty in dealing with your insurance company and earning those driving credits, these tips can help you save some extra money and make your life just a little bit easier!

1. Avoid A Lapse In Coverage

You must know this thing that you cannot play around with your insurance company on the matter of money. Auto-insurance companies are very unforgiving when it comes to non-payment, and they may charge you late fees or suspend your policy as a result of a lapse of even a couple of days.

The silver lining is that you must be more punctual. You can use the insurance company apps to keep track of the payment dates. Some insurers do offer a grace period for late payments but call your company to make sure that you are properly covered for that period.

2. Pay Your Entire Premium Upfront

If your insurance company is cold hearted and threatens to cancel your insurance for even a day late payment, then you may want to consider paying your entire 6 or 12 months premium upfront. You can avoid the hassle of keeping track of the dues after every month. Moreover, it will save that processing fees every time you use your credit card for the payment.

3. Maintain Good Grades

You might not be able to buy your kids’ insurance until they are 18 (depending on the state policy), but you can make sure that they are good and law abiding kids with good grades. If your teenager is a high school or college student having a decent transcript, then this may qualify them for a good student discount once they get eligible for the policy.

4. Be Careful When Switching Insurance Policies If You Have SR-22

You will probably need your insurance company to file an SR-22 form on your behalf in case you are caught driving without a valid insurance plan. If you want to switch insurers while having an SR-22 filed, it’s important that you purchase a new policy before canceling your existing plan. This is because any further lapse in the coverage may disrupt your SR-22 status, and probably your driving status altogether. Most insurers won’t give you credit for the time after your SR-22 was originally filed, and it may cost you even more money!

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