Saudi Prince Buys Off A Fully Customized Airbus A380 For $500 Million And It Will Blow You Away


We all have seen how Saudis go about spending the loads of money that they have got. However, what we will show you today is a bit too superfluous even for a Saudi prince.
prince-alwaleedThe basic concept behind being rich is simple; fly first class, own your own private jet or maybe have your name painted on it. But Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has taken it to the next level by pulling of this new feat. The Prince has recently acquired an Airbus A380 which costs $300 million and is spending another $200 million to customize it into something that will look more than just spectacular!

prince-plane1Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has a net worth of $18 billion but still this feat seems a bit too overboard, don’t you think? Prince employed his investment firm, Kingdom Holding, to acquire shares of some companies and it has really paid off. The companies include; News Corp, Apple, Citigroup and Twitter and is also the proud owner of The Savoy (London), the Fairmont (San Francisco), the Plaza (New York) and the Four Seasons. Prince also owns a number of yachts and his car collection currently contains 200 automobiles and has three palaces at his disposal with a total area of 5 million square feet. Once the Airbus is ready and is delivered to the Prince, he will be the owner of four gigantic private jets; the last addition being the world’s largest and most costly private plane. A typical Airbus A380 is capable of handling 800 passengers.

prince-plane2The remodeled Airbus A380 for the Prince shall have the following list of features and well, if these are just the highlights, we are sure that it is going to be one heck of an Airbus to own indeed. The Airbus shall come with a parking space for his Majesty’s Rolls Royce while supporting a concert hall which will be able to hold 10 persons and shall even have a stage for private entertainment sessions.

Saudi prince A380-1 Saudi prince A380

The plane will also come with spa treatments and rooms dedicated as steam rooms with tiles made of marble. There are plans of incorporating a room which will have flat screen TVs on walls and floors. These TV’s shall be telecasting to passengers what the Airbus is flying over and they call it the “Magic Carpet” room.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
There shall be a room with holographic monitors and a prayer room with mats that shall automatically adjust themselves to face Mecca. There are many other features in the Airbus as well, such as an elevator that can be used to access different levels.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy stuff that can make you feel amazing!
Check out the video below for more details:



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  4. Ruckweiler Reply

    To those who regard this as greed and ostentatious, I say that he used his own money and can do as he pleases. Know this drives the lefties nuts but whether it’s the Sheikh or Trump, your envy a will not change their behavior one wit and change your life AT ALL.

  5. Wise guy Reply

    Guys seriously…. If you are as rich as him would you do the same as what he did??? YES, because when you have money you will forget who you are! You are uncontrollable! Unconscious! I believe the poor ones is the one who donates more Telstar I got children then those rich ones… Put your self together guys, we are human. Anyway it’s his money he can do what ever he likes.

    • Wise guy Reply

      Corection. …. Who donates more to the starving children than those who are rich….

    • Kenric Ashe Reply

      Yeah he worked hard for the money!

      Worked hard at oppressing his subjects and poor people in other countries that is.

  6. Marlon Reply

    Prince Alwaleed is a blessed man. I have seen many times in you tube the elders in every place asking help and he provided as they wishes. Hope someday he will grant also financials for me.

  7. KingRichie Reply

    Those who are criticizing the prince should shut their stinking mouth, because if it’s them dey will even do more. It’s just extrem poverty that makes people say rubbish about the rich. If you don’t spend your money while your alive, is it death that u will. Please free the prince to flex his unlimited wealth to the fullest. Cheers prince Alwaleed, I wish you can extend your wealthy hands to reach me. May Allah bless you.

    • Legend Reply

      Oil money and all his other ventures are old and BASIC. Let’s face it the more famous you are well lets just say the good ones stay quiet and just patiently wait for the right time my friend. I present to you today a look at what I solely am buying in AMERICAN cash for my friend. A Airbus that will be kept at camp David along side of my stealth bombers and Air force God and personal doomsday plane. This Airbus will have the finest resources that MY KINGDOM™. has to offer along side the new Sikorsky helicopter which is similar to marine one. Matter fact I’m going to make sure she flys in a pattern like our GOOD friend George Walker Bush. Three. Now she will need a estate and fresh off the press I have brought a nice B.H manison… Nope already mine… Spelling Manor.. And she can live in NY at burnt piont, 5th and Soho. Spelling Manor until these pieces open up… O yeah Saudi, lol. I’m throwing your entire net worth into the furniture for all the estates. That’s more than 36.7 billion dollars.. Sovereign. I will pay all the taxes and maintenance for these estates along with a $150,000 a day daily pocket money… Merry christmas Baghdad. Vern. Let her pick out a fleet of 76,000 exotic cars from the kitty. Gas and maintenance will be covered by Yeshua. Gabriel clip up. If she wants my Gulfstream G650 that I have sitting in Mercer county airport, Sovereignty rules… I figured some days might be easier to fly lite. I will have some of my personal shoppers who already have her measurements go into the future and get the you know Gucci Fendi Prada.. O yeah I have the Ruby diamond slippers for her… Over 3 million dollars for her size. Playa..

  8. Ships Reply

    Those people are spending money for everything. They buy airplanes, yachts, ships, even islands. What will do when the oil ends?

  9. marky Reply

    it’s why gas is so expensive. we all have paid for this plane…

  10. Blah... Reply

    Arabs and their oil money. Utterly disgusting. Do the world a favour and shoot yourself in the head you filthy Arab. Alot of ass-kissers here as well… Morons.

  11. Bilal Aslam Reply

    I am interested to work in Kingdom Holding. Please respond. I have 20 year hands-on experience in Inbound & Outbound Logistics.

  12. Tom Reply

    500 million would certainly feed alot of starving children. make thousands of lives worth living. people like him need to be shot, sure everyone would love to go for a ride on his fancy plane but its just staight up selfish.

  13. Iblis Reply

    A complete waste of money. The many Arabic sheiks in the Middle East are wealthy through asset stripping their countries. Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world – why? Because the money is kept by the Royal Family and spent on mansions in Knightsbridge and excessive toys like this. Due to this, education is left in the hands of Wahhabist Clerics who teach a takfiri, virulent form of Islam in charity funded madrassa that breeds people like Osama Bin Laden. Their money would be better spent enriching their people through a decent education and reinvestment in domestic work opportunities – Al Qaeda relies upon mindless recitation (not understanding) of the Qu’ran not educated people who have jobs. Then again, this prince compared himself to Warren Buffet.. wake up, Warren started with nothing and is worth twice as much as you whereas you started with the wealth of a nation, robbed it and ended up with only $18b.. not that impressive.

  14. RoddyEvans Reply

    I wish this guy could start using me as his Real Estate Agent here in New York City, I have the perfect Mansion for him. 917-554-3334

  15. Brian rees Reply

    I’d be pleased to design a master piece for your memorial may you live long and strong In The eyes of those you love

  16. Harry Catrell Reply

    Great! I’ll be sure to think about the prince and his buds in the White House every time I purchase a $5 gallon of gas.

  17. Mark Reply

    This dude should be ashamed of himself. People are starving and dying. Maybe we should raise gas prices so he can make more money.

  18. Brian Dzyak Reply

    Good thing there aren’t a lot of hungry and sick people in need around the world who could use help with all that money.

  19. weston777 Reply

    Nice until you realize where the money came from. our pockets ?!?!

  20. Putri Reply

    What we can say! Saudi Arabia pay salaries very little for the immigrants, they were working like slave without paid and got abuse from the boss, what hell their lived ! And you spending the money just for your fun. But the facility for hajj & badly in transportation & facility. You’re lucky country Allah gave you, your people just took advantage to others.. Open your eyes The King..!!! Look to the western country they treat their peoples, with good salary, coequal, good education, good facilities etc.

    • Mohamed Fazlulla Reply

      Saudi Arabia is the land of only Scoundrels. Allah in Quran has said many times only a handful of Arabs are good guys majority of them are Bad guys. If these scoundrels were to follow Hadith and Sunnah they will not be wallowing in and showing off Vulgar wealth. Prophet Muhammed lived the life of Poor man among the poor. Let the scoundrels follow this Sunnah. I feel like kicking every one of the Saudis in their Asses

  21. Taleel Reply

    I saw many butthurt comments here…. is his money, he can do whatever he like! At the end of the day, money RULEZ!

  22. Moda Reply

    I guess money could buy you fame, status…. but most of all, it’ll also made you into the biggest IDIOT!

  23. Ray Povesky Reply

    someone said the prince is a very intelligent politician and businessman???would he been in same position if not a royal family?? this is purely sickening,

  24. Michael Prince Reply

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. He was the sponsor of the Michael Jackson History Tour, and our private planes had Kingdom Entertainment’s logo painted on the tails. He appointed Tarak Ben Ammar as Michael’s manager on that tour and Tarak did a great job. All tours should be run this well. JHMO

  25. Mohamed Shiraz Yoonus Reply

    Masha ALLAH. May almighty ALLAH bless him with good health, more wealth and happiness.
    And may he spend more on humanity who are suffering apart from his luxury.

  26. TK Reply

    it’s every mans responsibility to make his life better. a fool spends his/her time complaining about how sme1 else is spendin their cash. make urs n help the needy instead of yapping around. Everyone is born with equal chance in life!

  27. Shaukat Ullah Khan Reply

    We should be positive and take into consideration the advantages of this activity like

    A number of people including Engineers. Technicians, plumbers, carpenters etc. would have been involved in design and development of such a unique aircraft.
    a number of people will be getting jobs to look after the aircraft.on the top of all and amount of $ 500 Million came into the market which otherwise would have put in locker.

  28. Mohammad Shahid Siddiqui Reply

    This is his money, no need to worry, this is all what he earned and he has complete rights to spend. What the religion is based certainly some thing different. At least people admire what he is up to. Marvelous, ALL MIGHTY BLESS HIM.
    Further, being the Aviation professional, and in my 28 years in the industry never had a change to visit such a wonderful state of the Art equipment.

    Take care.

    Mohammad Shahid

  29. Shakoor Bhadelia Reply

    You are so idiot, don’t u know how families are suffer in syria and other your Arab countries and you are wasting money here in luxurious like a stupid.your neighbors are in problems and army are just watching them dying.u will be questioned one day

  30. Ursani Reply

    Those who are criticizing the prince must understand that in the evolution of human civilization there are people who create /facilitate such things which shows how majestic is the human race, Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt or Palace of France and UK were all created by such people and we still cherish them. Do you prefer that the prince would have sat on his 18B$ wealth while sipping black coffee in desert in a tent smelling his camels. Trust me what ever he is spending is creating jobs and livelihood for people like you and me. And b/w please Google his name he has given more amount in charity then he has spent on this plane.

  31. Dying_citizen Reply

    Whilst the rest of us are all dying in poverty and struggling through the economic war, we have these big Saudi Arabs over charging us for oil, living it large. I guess for him Heaven on Earth, I’m happy for you Sir, Hope you and your family enjoy it whilst you guys are alive for this short time.

  32. emad Reply

    such a waste of money, should have used this huge amount in a helpful cause.

  33. zahid Reply

    He is dam rich and like to spent as well , he need all this while traveling to manage his work 😉

  34. S.M. Ahmed Reply

    Allah will definitely questioned you for your this mental retardness in the presence of so many poor people in the community, specially when holy quran is against all these odd habits.

  35. Sadaqat Reply

    Well, not to be a hypocrite here. I don’t know what I will do if I had such crazy money. Nevertheless, I think it is overboard. If the Sheiks could spend a fraction of money in education and political uplift of Muslims all over the world , who were not fortunate enough to have such wealth under their feet then probably fate of Muslims would have been a lot better. When Allah bestows you then He also holds you responsible. (Allah knows better)

  36. ANON Reply

    Subhan’Allah….all this while kids are suffering in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan

  37. faisal Reply

    this guy is muslim and arab, this is why he is looking for himself. I heard that bill gate built clinic for hiv inficted kids in africa and also heard same news about richard britson, an english rich guy.

  38. Clayton Reply

    More power to him.
    His money, his decision how he uses it. He and his family and friends can enjoy the status that he was born into and earned. The money spent is putting money into workers pockets and food on their tables. He could have gambled the money away and wasted it instead.

    • Yahya Reply

      the money doesn’t belong to him. the oil revenues should be spent on the people, not just on the royal family

  39. teamleader Reply

    i wish his grave be that much spacious, robust, illuminated, centrally cooled/heated, equipped with a spa, concert hall, dining hall n all that ….

  40. rose Reply

    I wish you can make my dream come true to ride on that plane with my family….god bless you Sir!

  41. Carolyn Alkhawaldeh Reply

    Personally i could think of a better way to use the money than to use it to just impress other people. All this does it let him go around boasting and saying “look what I have “.

  42. Stephen John Roberts Reply

    Well if they make VIP Aircraft they should promote VIP quality moving image to accompany the project.. does nothing for me…

  43. azam ul haq Reply

    you have to be questioned Prince Waleed after death about all these luxuries you remember????????

  44. Ameen Sayeed Reply

    Unlike other very rich Saudi Prince, Prince Talal is a very intelligent and a versite diplomat and businessman. It would have been better for Saudis if Prince Talal was voted by the kings Council of Saudi Arabia to become the next king of Saudi Arabia.

  45. richard idio Reply

    Nice & super plane sir! Hope someday you will invite me to ride in your airplane. Inshaalah.

  46. Ronaldo Gonzales Reply

    Dear Mr. Prince Talal can I apply for a job as your janitor for that plane?

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