Saudi Arabia Is Planning A Skyscraper That Will Be 75 Miles Wide – And House 5 Million People


Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is certainly not sitting on his hands as it has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that the prince is looking to construct the largest skyscraper, which would be around 75 miles wide. According to the reports circulating, the engineers have been notified by the prince that his “next architectural project would be as grand as the Egyptian Pyramids”. This is huge, isn’t it? The project, if completed, would be an incredible scientific feat of its own and will encompass some of the most luxurious facilities like a stadium, a yacht club, and “renewable sources of energy and food” as per the reports.

Coupled with this, the Saudi Crown Prince has stepped up to transform this project into the world’s largest structure. Moreover, the project would be named “Mirror Line” as told by the prince, and will encompass two parallel buildings. The buildings would be 1600 feet in height, separated by a distance of 75 miles. Along with that, we can assess the extensive nature of the project by knowing that the buildings would have a capacity to accumulate about 5 million people. Not only this, you would be amazed to know that the whole project costs around a trillion dollars.

In addition to this, the photos shared on the Twitter account, which are embedded above, give a heavenly look, like a “golden paradise”. The broader outlook behind this project is to transform the economy of Saudi Arabia, which is mainly characterized by extensive oil reserves. Moreover, the project would also give people a new topic and would ultimately make them forget about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi Crown Prince, which became an “international news story.” The US president, Biden, had also criticized the prince about this incident during his recent visit there.

However, the “Mirror Line” project would be built on the concept of a “linear city,” which the Saudi prince has desired for a long time. But along with its luxuries and benefits to the people, it would do more harm than good to the sustainable development goals. It would play havoc with the ecological parameters, like the blocking of routes for birds and certain disruptions in the water flow conditions. Consequently, the city might have to face water or food shortage in the long term but let’s hope that the project can be completed efficiently and would prove a milestone in Saudi’s history.


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