Saudi Arabia Is Now Building A Huge Water Park In The Middle Of The Desert

Aquarabia, a water park set amidst the Saudi Arabian desert as part of the expansive Qiddiya giga-project near Riyadh, defies practical expectations. Despite concerns over water usage, Saudi authorities are pressing forward with construction, aiming to establish a recreational hub featuring waterslides, family activities, and the country’s first inland surf park.

While specific dimensions remain undisclosed, Aquarabia is touted as the largest facility of its kind in the region. Boasting 22 rides, including adrenaline-pumping attractions like Wadi Tahaddi and Hyper Viper, visitors can anticipate an array of experiences ranging from intense rapids to exhilarating drops.

Aquarabia aims to mitigate environmental impact through sustainable practices. These plans involve using recycled water systems for irrigation and cooling, minimizing energy consumption and water waste during operations, and recycling construction waste. This approach aligns with broader sustainability objectives.

WhiteWater, the ride manufacturer, underscores the technological innovation driving Aquarabia’s surf pool. Equipped with Endless Surf technology, the pool promises an authentic surfing experience, complete with customizable wave configurations catering to surfers of all proficiencies.

“Aquarabia is also set to make waves, quite literally, with the first inland surf pool in Saudi Arabia,” explains a press release by WhiteWater, which is manufacturing the rides. “Powered by Endless Surf technology, the pool will deliver the most authentic surf experience outside of the ocean with its limitless wave customization potential and surf zones to accommodate surfers of all skill levels.”

While construction progresses swiftly, an official opening date remains undisclosed, with completion projected for 2025. Aquarabia joins a roster of ambitious projects within Qiddiya, including a gravity-defying stadium and an Esports arena. These endeavors, alongside the Neom development, underscore Saudi Arabia’s strategic shift toward a tourism-centric economy, signaling a departure from traditional oil reliance.

Aquarabia represents a bold endeavor, blending leisure with sustainability initiatives in a region typically associated with arid landscapes. As Saudi Arabia endeavors to diversify its economic landscape, projects like Aquarabia contribute to the nation’s evolving identity and aspirations for the future.

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