Saudi Arabia Is Building The World’s Tallest, Longest And Fastest Rollercoaster

Saudi Arabia is set to make a mark on the global amusement park scene with the introduction of the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest rollercoaster. The Falcon’s Flight, a thrilling marvel, is poised to become the centerpiece of the upcoming Six Flags Qiddiya amusement park in Riyadh, scheduled to open its gates in 2024.

Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), in collaboration with Intamin Amusement Rides, embarked on the ambitious design process for Falcon’s Flight in early 2022. The ride promises an unparalleled experience, boasting a “tallest free-standing coaster structure featuring a parabolic airtime hill allowing a weightlessness airtime experience,” as revealed at the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) expo in 2023.

Falcon’s Flight is a revolutionary achievement in engineering and design, not merely a rollercoaster. The rollercoaster is expected to shatter numerous records and become the tallest, longest, and fastest rollercoaster in the world. At 640 feet, it is higher than the existing record-holder, Six Flags Great Adventure’s Kingda Ka. Its top speed of 156 mph surpasses the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, while its length of 2.6 miles surpasses the Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan.

The ride incorporates cutting-edge technology, utilizing magnetic motor acceleration (LSM technology) for a vertical cliff dive maneuver into a 160m-deep valley. Falcon’s Flight is the first-ever Exa coaster, breaking the 600-foot barrier and setting new standards for rollercoaster enthusiasts worldwide.

Despite its mind-boggling speeds and breathtaking drops, riders won’t need protective gear, thanks to the innovative design. Each row of the 14-passenger train will have its windscreen, protecting riders from the elements. The lead car, aptly named Falcon’s Flight, resembles a falcon’s head and accommodates two passengers, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Falcon’s Flight is not just a thrill ride; it symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s commitment to diversifying its economy and promoting tourism under the Vision 2030 plan. As Philippe Gas, Qiddiya’s chief executive officer, aptly puts it, “It won’t be for the fainthearted!” This colossal rollercoaster, among 28 attractions at Six Flags Qiddiya, is set to dominate the skyline and redefine the boundaries of amusement park entertainment.

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