Saudi Arabia Is Building The World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca. Here Is How It Looks

Saudi Arab Is Building World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca 5

Do you know which hotel is the largest in the world? Ah yes, the Venetian and The palazzo Las Vegas that function as a single complex with a total of 7,117 rooms that have been distributed on 53 floors. However, this fact is soon to be changed since the Saudis have released details of a construction project that is way bigger in the city of Mecca.Saudi Arab Is Building World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca 4

For Muslims, the city of Mecca is the holiest city and more than 20 million people travel to this city annually. 2 million, roughly, travel to the city during the period of Hajj specifically. Keeping all these factors in mind, the Dar Al-Handasah – a multi-national design group – has presented their project that entails the construction of Abraj Kudai. It is a hotel that shall feature a total site area of 60,000m2. The total built-up area is estimated to be about 1.4 million m2. Apart from the 70 restaurants and 4 heliports, the hotel shall be sporting more than 10,000 rooms which will be distributed in a total of 12 towers.Saudi Arab Is Building World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca 2 Saudi Arab Is Building World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca 3

The project took its inspiration from the conventional desert fortress’ design. The towers have been designed so that they will be built on top of a 10-story podium that will house a convention center, food courts, shopping mall, parking lots, bus station and a luxurious ballroom as well. The Abraj Kudai will be built at a distance of 2 km from the Grand Mosque Masjid al-Haram where the Holy Ka’aba is housed.Saudi Arab Is Building World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca 5

The towers shall have a total of 44 floors with 10 of them being 4-star accommodations whereas 2 shall be offering 5-star luxury. The top five floors are to be reserved for the Saudi royal family only. The construction cost of the hotel has been estimated at £2.3 billion and it shall be completed in 2017.


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