Saudi Arabia Has Unveiled It’s First-Ever Sustainable Tourist Attraction, Named Leyja

NEOM, the visionary cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030’s mission to bolster a robust and eco-friendly tourism sector, has revealed its latest ecological gem – Leyja. With the creative genius of renowned architects Mario Cucinella, Chris van Duijin, and Shaun Killa at the helm, Leyja is set to emerge along the Gulf of the Aqaba coast, meandering inland to craft a natural valley nestled between towering 400-meter-high mountains.

This visionary project aligns with NEOM’s overarching strategy, with 95% of Leyja’s extensive expanse earmarked as a nature reserve, seamlessly weaving together innovative ecological design and eco-conscious construction techniques.

Once this enchanting destination comes to life, it will curate refined experiences that transcend the ordinary. Visitors can savor the delights of fine dining orchestrated by globally celebrated chefs, bask in the serenity of wellness facilities, and take in the breathtaking vistas from rooftop infinity-style pools that grace the three distinct hospitality properties. For those with an adventurous spirit, Leyja will offer guided wadi walks, hiking trails, exhilarating mountain biking adventures, and the opportunity to conquer challenging climbs amidst the valley’s dramatic mountain landscapes.

Leyja is a strategic milestone in Saudi Arabia’s unwavering dedication to diversifying its destinations. The development showcases a trio of hotels meticulously conceived by world-leading architects, and collectively, they define NEOM’s foray into hospitality. These hotels collectively feature 120 boutique rooms and suites thoughtfully designed to harmonize with their natural surroundings through sustainable methods.

This thoughtful integration with nature promises visitors an immersive and ecologically conscious stay that enhances the allure of Leyja, furthering the Saudi Vision 2030 commitment to a more sustainable and diverse tourism landscape.

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