San Francisco Cops Get Jet Skis That Can Also Convert Into A Bike On Land

Bay area police quadbike

Many baseball fans around Bay Area were perplexed by the presence of armed cops around the stadium in quad bikes. They seem to have turned James Bond mode on just to be taken seriously by the public during the national game’s fixtures. The entertaining aspect of these bikes is that their tires swivel around to make them water-worthy. At least one of these quad bikes is known to be operated by the San Francisco Police Department.

Fans at last weekend’s Giants game were amazed to see this utility cop car in the hands of a trained operator around the AT&T Park. The fans who were watching the games on the boats took out their cameras and took delightful photos of the badass bike. Even the game coverage of the Giants got some footage of the rare vehicle.

Bay area police quadbike2

Before you say Italian Job! The quadSki, as it is known in the auto community, has been on retail for 50,000 dollars. It can go 45 Mph on both land and water, so it is a little slow for pure land use. But, it has inspired specialized usage from the police department as it hopes to keep tabs on the floating fans watching the baseball game. Also, the vehicle was not purchased from the public accounts as it was gifted to the police department from the CEO Marc Benioff. He gifted a total of three to the city administration, and it appears to have been put to good use!

The Bay Area Police Department isn’t the first to get their hands on such quadbikes. The Dubai police in addition to having Ferrari police cars, also has a fleet of quad bikes to deal with the land-based criminals and traffic. But they are ultra-rich lands. Besides, I don’t think we are facing much danger from amphibious criminals who would jump into a boat after a car chase. None of us has heard of something similar (But we do have seen it this one time on Baywatch).

The fans get crazy around the Giants game especially the other day when an intoxicated individual jumped from the stadium into the water to catch the ball. Such quad skis would be useful for these acts of insanity!

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