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Samsung’s Space Selfie Satellite Has Crashed

A couple living in Michigan heard a loud bang on last Saturday. Upon inspection of their yard, they found a satellite that crashed from Earth’s orbit. Nancy Welke of Merrill, Michigan, was the one who discovered the satellite on the couple’s rural property.

Welke wrote in a caption alongside the picture that she posted on Facebook, ‘Look what just fell out of the sky and 911 is baffled and it is caught in our tree.’ However, what is truly baffling is the function of the satellite itself. Samsung’s space selfie satellite was unveiled only a few days ago with a selfie of Cara Delevingne taken on Galaxy S10 Plus and then sent into orbit as ‘world’s first selfie sent into space.’

Users were then invited to upload their selfies so that they could be displayed on the satellite. Luckily, no one got hurt during this PR stunt. Samsung has claimed that the landing was ‘planned’ and was supposed to take place in a selected rural area. Samsung said, ‘No injuries occurred, and the balloon was subsequently retrieved. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.’

The satellite came down to Earth while being tethered to a huge balloon that helped in slowing down its descent. It can be seen in the pictures while donning a Samsung logo along with the name of high-altitude balloon manufacturer Raven Industries. It has been reported that it was Raven Industries, which collected the earthed satellite.

Welke has also said strangely, the representative of the Raven Industries that came to pick up the satellite was very tight-lipped about the whole operation. Welke said, ‘They didn’t say anything. He told us he wasn’t at liberty to talk about it. Just imagine what could have happened if someone had been out there.’

Welke is right about that; things could have ended very badly for Samsung if someone had gotten hurt because of this incident.

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