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China Has Put Forward A Cybersecurity Draft To Retaliate Against The US

China has had enough of Washington taking a go at its company and making things difficult. As a retaliation, China has drafted a set of cybersecurity regulations for ‘public’ consultation. The draft comes from China’s Cyberspace Administration.

The Chinese draft says, ‘in order to improve the security and controllability of key information infrastructure and maintain national security, companies acquiring network products and services that affect or may affect national security will now have to carry out an evaluation of the national security risk.

The cybersecurity plan is actually meant to tackle the US sanctions that have been imposed against Huawei, Dahua, and HikVision. According to the new terms, the country’s organizations will now have to conduct ‘comprehensive analysis and evaluation of risks brought about by national security.’

According to the draft put forward by China, the aim of these new regulations is to ‘promote the application of advanced technologies, enhancing fairness and transparency, and protecting intellectual property rights.’ According to it, the national lead will be taken by The Central Network Security and Information Committee.

The move by Beijing is meant to shake the tech companies that are lobbying Washington thanks to the size of the Chinese market. In fact, Huawei could make use of this support from China. Reports are actually popping up of Huawei smartphones being exchanged in for rivals. On the other hand, buyers’ interest is also fading away quite quickly.

However, this might not be the end of the US and Huawei fiasco. The Cyberspace Administration’s consultation has been slated for a month. This allows for enough time to attempt effective bilateral talks that can help prevent economic damages to both sides. This news will also come as a relief to Apple since, according to reports, Apple will be facing a 29% loss in its profits if China issues a ban.

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