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Samsung’s Smart App Let’s You Control Every Home Appliance While You Sit On Your Couch


This era can be called the ‘Smart’ era because of the advancement and progress in science and technology. Even now, speculators say that smart devices still have to fully mature and we shall be witnessing an exponential increase in their number.
Samsung Smart Home 2With all these advancements, it seems that our homes are going to go much more smarter than today. Samsung has just launched its own Smart Home Service with the key idea that home automation is the next big thing!

However, don’t think that Samsung is the pioneer in this case; as fate would have it, the home automation is already a rapidly catching up idea and a number of companies have launched their apps to automate homes. However, Samsung has aimed to make it easy for its users to take control over the devices which are in their homes by making use of an app. The app will enable user of adding or removing compatible devices and appliances which are already connected to their home network. This will allow the user to freely manage those devices and appliances via the app. For instance; you’d be able to control your TV from the couch (no need to search for the remote control), turn on the central heating from your office or switch on lights when you’re away for security reasons.

Samsung told us that users will be able to simultaneously take control of a number of devices. It further gave an example where the user can simply switch off devices and appliances when the user is off to sleep. To prevent hacking and inconvenience, all the data that will be transmitted by the app will be encrypted.

WonPyo Hong is the President and Head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung appliances and he said; ‘Samsung Smart Home lets people live better, worry less and be smarter with their devices and appliances. We also have grand plans to enhance more and more parts of the home experience, especially with a view of expanding it to areas with high growth potential such as home safety and energy management.’

The course of action includes providing this service in Korea and United States first and then to other countries during this year. Samsung is also working on making more and more devices compatible with the service.

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