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Samsung’s New Wireless Headphones Can Store Music As Well

Samsung's wireless headphones leaked online

Samsung has created some of the best wearables in recent memory with their VR collaboration with Facebook’s Oculus standing out. However, the latest news has been fixed on the cool new wireless Bluetooth headphones that have just been released by the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer. With more and more details about the new phones being leaked into the news, I though we had to cover it since these are one of the most promising wireless sets ever created in recent memory. AND they can also store music on them! Why didn’t anybody think of that before?

So, now you can listen to music without the need of an attached smartphone, making your jogging routine easier and smoother than ever before. Also, accompanying this impressive feature is a case that charges the earphones when they are placed in it. No more tangling wires at all! Plus they are completely wireless meaning the two earpieces aren’t even attached to each other via a wire which is the norm these days.

This little piece of information was leaked by Venturebeat and we still don’t know about its technical specifications at all. But releasing pictures along with the news has enabled us to infer something out of them. We also expect them to be water-resistant, touch controlled and a standalone mp3 player to boot. The amount of memory available for audio files is 4GB, which can store hundreds of your favourite tracks from the exercise routine.

There is also no word on the price but they are expected to retail at around a couple of hundred dollars mark just like other high-end wireless headpieces available on the market. So, can these smaller companies survive this onslaught of really good headphones from these big names? Only time will tell!