Samsung’s Ballie Robot Is Now A Projector That Can Follow You Around

Samsung has recently revealed an enhanced version of its Ballie personal assistant robot during the CES 2024, showcasing a redesigned appearance, an integrated projector, and advanced AI functionalities.

The 2020 debut of Ballie marked a revolutionary step in personal robotics, and the 2024 version takes this innovation further with its distinct appearance reminiscent of characters from the popular video game Among Us. Sporting bright colors and a square display, the new Ballie has evolved into a multifaceted companion equipped with front and rear cameras, making it an entertainment hub and a roving guard dog. As the device can follow users around, respond to calls, and greet them at the door, it seamlessly integrates into daily life.

Much like an Alexa on wheels, Ballie goes beyond conventional personal assistants. It possesses the capability to control various smart devices within the home, from lights to thermostats, providing users with a centralized and mobile control hub. This amalgamation of functionalities positions Ballie as a unique and practical addition to smart home ecosystems.

One of the standout features is the onboard projector, setting Ballie apart from its counterparts. This projector boasts the ability to “automatically detect people’s posture and facial angle” and subsequently adjusts the projection angle accordingly. Moreover, it calibrates itself for different surfaces, ensuring an optimal viewing experience when streaming content from platforms like YouTube.

In the world of AI assistants, Ballie faces competition from LG’s Smart Home AI agent, announced concurrently at CES. However, Ballie gains an edge with its more appealing name, adding an element of charm to its technological prowess.

As is customary with CES announcements, details regarding the pricing and availability of Ballie 2024 remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, Samsung’s latest innovation undoubtedly signifies a leap forward in personal robotics, promising an enhanced user experience with its amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies.

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