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Samsung Unveils A 30,000$ High Tech Dog House

30,000 dollar dog house 2

Yes, your daily dose of ridiculous isn’t over yet. Samsung apparently loves the man’s best friend and is prepared to bring comfort and technology to its kennel. The high-tech enclosure will be available at an insane price of 30,000 $, and it might end up addicting your dog!

The exclusive pooch pad comes up with an automatic food dispenser, a treadmill covered with grass to give it a look of nature, a small pool for hydrotherapy, cute walls and a Samsung Galaxy S tab for the browsing pleasure of the little beast. Due to all this high-end technology, the Samsung’s dog house is being touted as the most expensive one ever.

The house was made after an extensive survey of dog owners around the world by the technology giant. All the features present inside are incorporated according to the likes and dislikes these owners presented. Out of 1500 dog owners,  25% wanted treadmills and tablets. 68% believed that the technology would benefit their dogs, and about 18 percent said that the pets needed hot tubs or bathing areas. The product development team took close to six weeks and came up with this beauty.

The ergonomic curved design of the house allows the dog to sit in its natural position and be comfortable all the times. Although Samsung revealed the smart kennel, little is known about eventual production. Take a look at the video here: