Samsung Shows Off New Robot That Will Take Care Of You When You Are Sick

Samsung Shows Off Bot Care At CES & Three Other Bots!

The CES 2019 recently happened in Las Vegas with announcements from technology companies not only being restricted to new TVs or smartphones. For instance, Samsung has taken the veils off of a new line of artificially intelligent smart robots that can perform a wide variety of tasks. These robots from Samsung include Bot Care, Bot Air, Bot Retail, and Bot GEMS.

Samsung Shows Off Bot Care At CES & Three Other Bots!

Bot Care is aimed at the consumers who are in need of health-tracking tools. The Bot Care demonstrated its abilities on stage during the CES keynote of Samsung. It can talk, carry out monitoring of blood pressure, monitors a plethora of other important health indicators, and also lets family members or medical professionals gain an insight into the patient.

The Bot Air can be used for air purity detection, the Bot Retail is for retail personalization, and the Bot GEMS is a mobility trainer for athletes. Coming back to Bot Care, the robot looks cute and has been designed to provide customizable medical support at home. However, what does it have to offer is the biggest question, right?

The extent of functionalities of Bot Care has not been made public as of yet. Its demonstration was provided onstage at CES, and a few of its cool features were shown off. The robot has a face that is capable of displaying Samsung’s version of robotic emotions. The face vanishes when other visual features; such as vital statistics or other data has to be shown to the user.

Samsung Shows Off Bot Care At CES & Three Other Bots!

One of the most significant advantages of Bot Care is that it can take live readings of vitals of patients. The robot comes with a plethora of sensors that have been incorporated under the display. Once the user places his or her finger on the display, the Bot Care can provide with information about the blood pressure and the heart rate. The robot can also collect other beneficial vital data, but the specifics have yet not been made public.

Samsung Shows Off Bot Care At CES & Three Other Bots!

Apart from taking vital readings, the Bot Care also advises its users on breathing and stretching, gives them reminders for their medications, and monitors their sleep. Samsung has made it clear that the Bot Care is not intended for emergencies but is meant to be a technological stand-in for tasks that a live-in caregiver might provide.

The data collected by the Bot Care is sent to the family members or the off-site caregiver so that further monitoring of the patient can be carried out by the responsible parties. There’s no word on when the robots will be available for commercial use though.

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