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Samsung Goes Savage On A Guy Who Made A Dick Pic Joke On Their Tweet

Samsung On twitter

Samsung might have taken a huge hit due to the Note 7 debacle, but who knew they only needed a single Twitter emoji to fix the economic mess!

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Just after the release of Galaxy 8 series, Samsung Mobile US posted a tweet to their 5.3 million Twitter followers asking them to send their first picture taken from the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Naturally, the tweet turned into a shit storm of pictures along with trolls trying to demean the post with their usual antics.

A certain Edward was at the forefront, who thought it would be funny to let the world know his first picture from his S8 was a dick pic. He didn’t share the picture though.

In a brilliant come back, Samsung came up with this absolute genius strike,


And if the Samsung Twitter feed wasn’t in a frenzy before this, this surely made it lit! Unsurprisingly, the readers were so amused that they vowed to switch to Samsung just because of the witty reply!

Toché Samsung! It seems like a whole year of ridicule and abuse on the social media has served your sense of humor well!