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Samsung Releases Galaxy Note Edge With A Curved Display At One Corner

Samsung has yet again surprised us all with the new Galaxy Note Edge – a smartphone that comes with quite a peculiar screen. What is so unique about this screen? Well, for starters it curves around the phone on one side. You all can relate it to a number of fan concepts we all saw for iPhone 6 but it would seem Samsung has managed to get their first and as per David Park from Samsung, the screen works like a ‘ticker’ where the notifications and news scroll along it.

The curved touchscreen works by providing easy and quick access to apps, alerts and other device related functions. Since it pops out of the phone, the curved area is still accessible even when the cover is closed while also being able to display the notifications at top and bottom while a video is being played.

The Galaxy Note Edge made its debut at the IFA trade show in Berlin on Wednesday. The release is expected to take place in October and shall be in competition with iPhone 6. The Edge employs Samsung’s flexible display technology. The idea was to bring practicability with the curved screen.

Ian Fogg, an analyst covering the smartphone industry at HIS in London said; ‘An edge-based display will give Samsung’s smartphone clear differentiation in a crowded market. But for Samsung to maximise the potential of an edge display it needs third party apps to support the display with additional Samsung-specific functions.’