Samsung Is Set To Make A Lot Of Money From iPhone X Sales

Samsung has a reason to celebrate the successful launch of the new note 8. Another less known reason for Samsung to celebrate is the success of their biggest rivals’ iPhone X. According to an analysis conducted by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, for every iPhone X sold, Samsung will make $110.

Apple’s latest flagship makes use of the OLED displays. Since Apple does not manufacture such displays of their own, they had no choice but to outsource and Samsung was more than happy to oblige. The OLED displays in the latest models, as well as the memory chips, have both been provided by none other than Samsung.

(Source: Smarter E-commerce)

For the first time, Samsung will be wishing for the success of their rival’s iPhone X, as it has the potential to be a huge revenue generating source for them. According to a report by Counterpoint, Apple will probably sell 130 million units by the summer of 2019. That means a revenue of $14 billion. Taking out the manufacturing cost, the profit is still in billions of dollars.

(Source: Android Authority)

Samsung gains a profit of $202 from components alone for every Galaxy S8 sold. A business analysis shows that around 50 million units will be sold in the next 20 months. This brings them a profit of $10 billion. Looking at these facts, they stand to earn $4 billion more from iPhone X sales than from their own sales.

Samsung has always been the top name in components business and their biggest rivals were forced to purchase components from them. But Apple has been looking for other vendors or just might start making their own displays if they want to stay in competition with Samsung. But for now, Samsung is in a win-win situation!

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