Samsung Plans To Turn Your Fingers Into A Virtual Keyboard

Samsung AR Keyboard 5

We have technology tycoons fighting an epic battle these days, trying to out-smart each other in every way possible by coming up with new gadgets and innovations.
Samsung AR KeyboardYes, we are talking about the battle being fought between Google and Samsung. While Google is relying on voice recognition for its well known Google Glass, Samsung has finally unveiled a different patent, for which it had applied back in August, 2013.

Samsung AR Keyboard 4Projected stuff is considered quite futuristic thanks to how it has been promoted in movies. We all have seen the IR keyboards that came into market some time ago. However, the idea didn’t catch on because of the simple fact that those keyboards were not good enough. With all the advancement that has taken place over the last few years, Samsung is ready to come up with the next big thing. The patent was filed by Samsung at the World Intellectual Property Organization (PDF). The patent basically covers a camera (we’re assuming it’s the Galaxy Glass) which shall be made capable of projecting an AR keyboard onto your fingers.

Samsung AR Keyboard 2The idea is that the user will make use of his/her thumb to tap on fingers where the keyboard shall be projected. We have so far seen a T9-style keyboard and a QWERTY keyboard shown in images which may be used once this idea is executed. However, we are speculating some difficulties in getting fluent with typing using the new method. Samsung was tinkering with a full-on keyboard as well, but eventually decided that the product will be too expensive to release commercially.

Until we actually see a prototype,we can think of it as a concept. We are not sure if Samsung has already made a working model in its lab or not. Having such a technology built into the smart glasses will no doubt question its battery life as well. However, all these questions shall be answered once the product is ready and out in the market. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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