Samsung Mocks Apple Users In The Latest Ad On iPhone X’s Release

Even though Samsung benefits from Apple’s iPhone X sales, it still couldn’t resist taking a swipe at its biggest rivals. Samsung mocks Apple users in its latest ad for using primitive technology and taking a long time to finally reach where Galaxy phones have already been for years.

The ad starts 10 years ago when the first iPhone was released and shows the years go by from the eyes of a person smitten by the iPhone. The video shows him with his partner who is a Galaxy user and how the guy struggles with storage capabilities and a lack of stylus and a big screen in the beginning.

(Source: iPhonehacks)

It also goes on to show that iPhone was not water resistant when Galaxy phones were already waterproof. Fast forward to the time of iPhone 7 when the headphone jack was replaced by a port and dongles. At the same time, Samsung had wireless charging.

The ad shows a person with a hairstyle like iPhone’s notch (Source: Neowin)

At the end of the ad, he finally sees what was in front of his eyes the whole time and makes the decision to switch to Galaxy. He looks extremely pleased with himself as he walks on the road whereas others are waiting in line to get their iPhone. The ad has the name “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up”, and the Korean phone makers want to give the message that the Apple user has finally grown up as he breaks free from the cult of Apple.

(Source: Cult of Mac)

Provided, that Samsung only used the moments best suited to its needs in the video, many people are of the view that Apple waits for others to invest in a technology and perfect it before it shifts to it and does not start something new itself. Apple has not yet made a statement regarding the ad.

You can see the Ad in which Samsung mocks Apple users here:

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