Samsung Launches The World’s Largest 110 inch Television That Costs $150,000

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With higher standards for picture quality in televisions and monitors, manufacturers are constantly improving the screens they produce. This improvement leads to new technologies and sometimes even incredible creations, like Samsung’s 110-inch television which just went on sale on December 31st and is the world’s largest television.

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The amazing behemoth was launched in South Korea with a price tag of £100,000 (in South Korea it is 160 million won). But the price tag is justified once you realize that the television has quality so great that it feels like looking out of a window. This is achieved by using Ultra High-Definition Television (U-HDTV) technology that allows four times more pixels to be packed within one square inch as compared to the current HDTV technology.

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With a width of 102 inches and a height of 70 inches, the new television is larger than a king-size bed and makes the previous 85-inch U-HDTV by Samsung look minuscule in comparison. The U-HDTV technology replaces the OLED technology since the LED bulbs were too expensive for larger screens. Manufacturers like Samsung and LG have both abandoned OLED for U-HDTV technology that is both cheaper and gives better results for larger screened televisions.

With 10 orders for the television already coming in from the Middle East, Samsung expects the television to be a great hit among the wealthy populations of China and Europe also. Predictions indicate that the amount of U-HDTV sales will skyrocket from 1.3 million in 2013 to 23 million by 2017.
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