Samsung Has Just Installed The World’s First Ever LED Cinema Screen

LCD and LED screens have grown bigger in size over the years, but the biggest screens stay limited to luxury homes while most cinemas attend the world use digital or laser projectors for movie displays on a large screen. Samsung unveiled the first ever cinema-sized LED display back in March, and the screen has now finally been installed in Korea.

Source: Samsung

The 34-foot LED Cinema Screen in the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul has a 4K resolution with support for life like HDR picture quality that is backed by audio from Harman. The Super S theater in the Lotte Cinema previously used projectors that have been replaced by Samsung’s LED Screen measuring 33.8 feet (10.3 meters) in width which is not even remotely close to the massive IMAX screens.

The Samsung Screen installation comprises a number of cabinets which can be stacked to fit the screen requirements of different theaters. The screen combines theĀ 4,096 x 2,160 UHD Resolution with High Dynamic Range Technology commonly used in big screens television sets. This makes the display colors sharp, displaying vibrant images with the “nearly infinite” contrast ratio that can handle the darkest and the brightest of colors. The brightness level that the LED screen can handle is 210 times more than that of the conventional movie projectors.

Source: IB Times

The high-quality display of the Samsung screen is reported to be perfect for use beyond movie events. It could work perfectly for corporate events, concerts, gaming competitions, and sporting events. The Samsung LEDĀ Cinema Screen is also the first to comply with the “Digital Cinema Initiative” standards in May that ask to “to showcase the complete color spectrum with unaltered accuracy.”

Source: Samsung

Samsung’s Audio Lab and Harman Professional Solutions share the sound credits for the theater with the speakers just at the border of the display that uses Samsung’s audio processing tech with JBL’s Sculpted Surround Sound System.

After the first successful installation gets a positive response, Lotte Cinema will install the screens in many of its theaters all over South Korea, and Samsung will move on to the US, China, and Japan markets.

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