Samsung Is Building A Smart Face Mask According To A New Patent

Samsung just filed for a patent on a unique electronic face mask that represents a significant advancement in wearable technology. Known as an “electronic mask,” this cutting-edge device combines embedded electronics to filter inbound air and sync with a mobile app.  

The patent application, which MSPoweruser stumbled upon, describes a complex gadget packed with cutting-edge capabilities. To allow users to monitor and change filters as needed, the mask consists of at least one filter and a sensor that transmits filter status information to a linked mobile device. Furthermore, an integrated fan promotes airflow and aids in filter cleaning, raising concerns about comfort during extended use. 

A smartphone application that provides information on breathing patterns and air quality and real-time notifications when filters need to be changed is also available. The filter sensor, processor, wireless chip, and fan are the four main functions the tiny circuit board housed in the mask supports. Most notably, the fan’s rotating speed is battery-life-preserving and optimized by adjusting according to filter cleanliness. The mask’s portability and efficiency are increased by its battery-operated system. 

Together, the integrated sensor and fan purify the air; the fan turns up the airflow when it notices blocked filters. However, when the filter is clean, the fan operates at reduced speeds, extending the battery’s life. Despite Samsung filing the patent in July of last year, its potential market release is unknown due to the patent office’s recent publication.  

Samsung Patent Reveals Smart Face Mask For True Nerd Cred

Interestingly, similar projects—like Razer’s transparent RGB mask—have emerged, indicating an increasing need for advanced technological face masks. However, as the fact that Razer’s offering was dismissed indicates, it’s still unclear if these kinds of projects would be fruitful in the future.

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