Samsung Is Being Investigated By The U.S Trade Commission

Samsung and Motorola are being asked serious questions by the U.S International Trade Commission over claims that the cellphones produced by both companies infringed network patents. The complaint was initiated by ‘Evolved Wireless’ based in Texas, U.S.

The Trade Commission released a statement on the 1st of March which said, “has voted to institute an investigation of certain LTE-compliant cellular communication devices. The products at issue in the investigation are described in the commission’s notice of investigation.”

The trade commission said that Evolved Wireless reported a complaint on the 1st of February, stating “alleges violations of section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 in importing into the United States and sale of certain LTE-compliant cellular communication devices that infringe on patents asserted by the complainant.”

An official statement from the department states that ‘Evolved Wireless’ has a previous record of suiting against Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and other companies for unlawfully using the LTE technology. These suits earned him some handsome amounts, and this time around, it looks no different than seeking easy money.

The firm ‘Evolved Wireless’ is a non-practicing entity, a firm that holds the patent and patent rights. In case you don’t know, the NPE in place of manufacturing or exploiting the patented invention generates profits by negotiating licensed use of it.

Under section 337, the commission dives deep into the allegations of unfair trade practices involving the violations of patents. The trade commission hasn’t taken any decisions as of yet. However, an investigation on the case has been initiated.

The Chief of the trade commission will soon assign the case to one of the administrative law judges, who will have to make the initial call as to whether if there has been any violation or not, which might be contested by either party later and will be followed by a final decision within the time frame of 45 days.

Widely known as 4G LTE, or long-term-evolution, it is a medium for wireless broadband communication for communication devices. The Trade Commission said that the investigation targets “LTE-compliant cellular phones, tablets, and smartwatches.” Its news has already begun to surface on the internet. Recently Samsung made a statement on the issue, saying that ‘Samsung won’t comment on something that is undergoing investigation.”

The Trade Commission is meanwhile also looking into another complaint. It is a patent infringement filed against Samsung by Ericsson. The investigation was initiated when Ericsson filed a complaint first in January. The complaint was that ‘Samsung illegally used its patented wireless technology.”

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