Samsung Introduces A Smart Bike Concept That Uses Lasers To Project Lanes And Avoids Collisions

Smart Bike 5

Today we shall be talking about something that has remained unchanged even in this technological age; bikes. Have you ever noticed how much every mode of transport has evolved, every mode but bikes. Why is that? Why do the bikers get ignored? Ignore the dramatics we are trying to portray here but  Samsung has decided to upgrade the conventional bike by introducing a Smart Bike concept.Smart Bike 2

Samsung has decided to incorporate a lot of tech stuff into the bike and all that revolves around a smartphone, where the smartphone displays all the things that you need to know while riding a bike. The smartphone will display information regarding the route, speed and activity stats related to aerobics. The smartphone is also connected to a rear view camera, which has been placed under the seat and allows you to see what’s behind you. Now the obvious question; the phone is usually in our pockets, no? Well, Samsung’s bike has a magnetic mount just near the handlebars, which will hold your smartphone securely while your smartphone connects to an Arduino processor, which has been incorporated in the frame located under the seat.Smart Bike 6 Smart Bike 4

Usually all the roads have bike lanes, notice how we used the word ‘usually’? This implies that not all roads have dedicated bike lanes but don’t worry. This Smart bike will employ 4 lasers to project your own bike lane.Smart Bike 3 Smart Bike So, how did Samsung come up with this specific design? That is the fun part, Samsung organized an inter-generational race with old Italian artisans working along with young designers. Specifically speaking; Giovanni Pelizzoli and Alice Biotti were part of the team and worked under the flag of Samsung’s Maestros Academy, which was created for this sole purpose. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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