Samsung Has Celebrated Its First-Ever Shipment Of 3nm Gate-All-Around Chips

Samsung, which is one of the giants in chip technology, has recently commemorated the first shipment of its 3nm chips. It should be noted that it started the manufacturing process of these chips last month, in which it incorporated some specifications that include the use of “3nm Gate-All-Around (GAA).” To celebrate this achievement, Samsung held a ceremony, which was attended by almost 100 people. It embodied some renowned personalities, including company executives, employees, and the Minister of Trade, Energy, and Industry, Lee Chang-Yang, as well. Not only this, but the event was also attended by the CEOs of those companies who expressed their agreement on using this technology for future projects as well.

Moreover, Lee Chang-Yang demonstrated his full support for the commencement of these chips as it would help in promoting the country’s semiconductor ecosystem, according to him. Talking about the history of these chips, it is rooted back in the early 2000s when professionals at Samsung Electronics dropped some impressive specifications regarding the research process of the GAA transistors. They had undergone massive research and did an outstanding job until their plans began rolling out in early 2017.

It was revealed that they had started experimenting with the design characteristics of the GAA transistors in 2017. Now after a series of successful experiments and testing procedures, the company finally achieved the milestone of producing these chips on a large scale. Not only this, Samsung is now mass producing these chips using the new process and innovative techniques. From this, we can infer that the company did not sit on its hands and worked extremely hard to make its name in the market and rival its competitors.

Coming to the new process known as “Gate-All-Around (GAA)”, the system works really well as compared to the old technique used by Samsung known as “FinFET design”. According to this new approach which the company adopted, the transistors have now been stepped up to process more current while their size remains extremely small, which looks like an absolute blast.

As per Samsung, “The 3nm GAA chips will use 45% less power, be 23% faster and be 16% smaller compared to a similar 5nm FinFET chip. This is for the first generation of the GAA process. By the way, Gen 2 will further improve on these metrics.” It is important to note that the company has not talked about the kinds of chips that were shipped recently, but it has good plans to incorporate this technology, i.e., “3nm GAA,” into its smartphone chips. Samsung hopes to make good on its promises as bigger plans are already on its cards.

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