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Samsung Confirms That Galaxy S9 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

(Source: Daily Mail)

Many of the Samsung fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 at the CES in Las Vegas but it looks like they will have to wait another month before they can hold the new flagship. The new model will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month as revealed by the company.

Even though Samsung has not commented on the price of the new phone but experts predict that it will cost almost $200 north of what S8 originally cost. DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business was behind the announcement at CES 2018.

(Source: Daily Mail)

Last year Galaxy S8 was unveiled at an event held in March and the phone went up for sale in April. Samsung Galaxy S9 has seen the timeline shift a month so it is expected that the phone will go up for sale in March. One fact that the mobile chief did confirm at the CES is that the firm’s smart assistant, Bixby 2.0 will be launched in 2018 and all devices will support Bixby by 2020.

During his speech, Mr. Koh, Samsung’s mobile president, said: “Many companies have AI competence, but not many have hardware competence. We started a little later [than others] but we are confident in offering the best experience for consumers.”

(Source: Daily Mail)

Samsung usually previews its products a couple of days before the MWC officially begins, which puts the date around February 25. A leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ show that the design is pretty much unaltered except for the new rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The issue that bothered many users has finally been corrected.

The picture shows that Galaxy S9 will have only one camera on the back whereas S9+ has a dual rear camera. This confirms the rumors surrounding the phone. The renders also show that the phones have retained the 3.5mm headphone jack.

(Source: Daily Mail)

“Samsung is planning to show off its next-generation Galaxy S handsets a bit earlier than usual, according to someone briefed on the company’s plans,” said VentureBeat’s Evan Blass last month. He also said that the two phones are said to be nearly identical to their predecessors.

Ice Universe has a strong track record for predicting features on Samsung devices and tweeted that the back of the phone will change a lot.

(Source: Daily Mail)

There are also rumors surrounding Galaxy S9 that the camera will be able to shoot incredible slow-motion videos. It is said that the camera can shoot at 1,000 frames/second. This means a camera that the market has not seen yet. The biggest question regarding the price still remains unanswered but it is like to cost somewhere between $916 to $1036. We will know for sure once it is revealed next month.

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