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Sam Altman Says His iPhone Broke Down From Texts After He Was Fired

The rollercoaster ride at OpenAI took an unexpected turn when CEO Sam Altman found himself ousted by the company’s non-profit board. The shocking dismissal left Altman bewildered, describing the experience as dreamlike, chaotic, and utterly confusing. In a recent interview with Trevor Noah, Altman recounted the moment he received the unexpected call in his hotel room, leading to his abrupt departure from the company he co-founded with Elon Musk eight years ago.

The aftermath was equally surreal. Altman’s phone, inundated with messages, couldn’t handle the deluge, and iMessage promptly broke down. The unexpected turn of events had sent shockwaves through the tech world, leaving Altman grappling with the abrupt and unprecedented nature of his dismissal.

OpenAI, valued at around $86 billion, had been enjoying a successful 2023. Just days before Altman’s departure, the CEO had announced a series of exciting new features. The resulting influx of users overwhelmed the company’s infrastructure, forcing a temporary halt to new sign-ups. The chaos surrounding Altman’s exit only added to the company’s tumultuous month.

The reasons behind Altman’s dismissal remain shrouded in mystery. Speculations range from conflicts of interest to the rapid progression of a top-secret next-gen AI project and internal disagreements. The lack of a clear explanation adds an air of intrigue to the entire episode.

Still in disbelief, Altman recalled the aftermath as a restless night full of talks and an exciting weekend that followed. Over two weeks have passed, and the confusion around OpenAI’s tumultuous November still exists. Even Altman, who admitted that he is still in shock and is still trying to piece together what happened, is still working through the nuances of what happened.

One thing is certain as the tech community watches OpenAI traverse these uncharted waters: Altman’s involvement in the company’s future continues to be a subject of considerable discussion and intrigue.

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