Sam Altman Says An International Agency Should Monitor The ‘Most Powerful’ AI To Ensure Safety

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman voices his support for the regulation of AI on an international scale. In a recent interview on the All-In podcast, Altman perceives a looming risk posed by advanced AI systems, warning that their potential negative impacts transcend national boundaries. He stresses the importance of regulatory measures that can effectively address these risks globally. Altman acknowledges the challenges of striking the right balance in oversight, cautioning against regulatory overreach and insufficient intervention.

While legislative efforts are underway in various regions, including the EU and the United States, Altman contends that an international agency would offer greater adaptability to the rapidly evolving AI landscape. He argues that the dynamic nature of AI necessitates regulatory frameworks that can swiftly adapt to emerging developments. Altman expresses scepticism about the efficacy of static national legislation, suggesting that it may quickly become outdated in the face of rapid technological advancements.

Drawing an analogy to airplane regulation, Altman proposes a model where AI is subject to stringent safety testing, akin to the standards applied in the aviation industry. He emphasizes the importance of instilling public confidence in AI systems, akin to the trust passengers place in aeroplanes.

Altman underscores the need for comprehensive safety protocols, particularly in scenarios where AI deployment poses a significant risk to human life.

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