Russia’s Recent Space Launch Has Reportedly Turned Out To Be A Big Failure

Russia has failed to transport a ‘classified payload’ to lower-Earth orbit using the Angara-1 rocket.

According to Anatoly Zak, a space journalist, the Angara-1 rocket launched in April carries a “classified payload” that appears to be inactive and will eventually fall back to Earth.

Russian officials gave multiple warnings to air and marine traffic controllers on April 22, according to Russian Space Web, advising them that a launch was slated for the end of April.

Russia fails miserably at recent 'classified' space launch | TweakTown

The launch vehicle took out on April 29, and the initial launch went as planned. Still, the classified military satellite it carried never conducted any movements to maintain its place in Earth’s orbit.

The letter “Z” was written on the payload fairing of the Angara rocket by Russian officials. Support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is usually associated with the letter “Z.” Additionally, the letter “Z” has been drawn on various Russian invasion vehicles.

The payload, however, will fall back unused, and Roscosmos chief Dimitry Rogozin has been ridiculed for this blunder.

Multinational satellite payload lost in the sea as Russian rocket fails to  make orbit

Russia began building the Angara rocket family shortly after the demise of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991 to strengthen Roscosmos.

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