Russians Stationed At Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station Reportedly Have Signs Of Radiation Sickness

An all-out war is waging in Ukraine, where even nuclear power plants have turned into battlegrounds. Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station is no exception. However, troops stationed at the nuclear plant have experienced symptoms of radiation sickness. Russian sources have denied the news and termed it a case of chemical poisoning.

Paramedic Bogdan Bondarenko was the first man to break the news. He said that the Russian Ministry of Defense first admitted the admission of her troops to hospitals in Energodar on 31st July 2022, owing to severe poisoning. Energodar is the city where the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station is located.

The initial review of the servicemen done by the doctors concluded that an “organic poison of artificial origin” was present in the bodies of the affected. This is also what happens when a person suffers from radiation sickness.

“The Russians, of course, are talking about chemical poisoning, but they brought the wounded from the nuclear power plant. Not to mention the level of trust in Russian information in general”, Bondarenko notes.

It is pertinent to mention that the Russians opened gunfire at the power station around two weeks ago. Resultantly important structure of the nuclear plant was damaged, and the “Energoatom” announced the risk of radiation leak from the plant. Now, the “Energoatom” has also announced that the plant is at high risk of radiation and fire safety rules violations.

“Now, before it’s too late, we need to do everything possible to get a true picture of the situation at the station. We must immediately demilitarize the station and place it under the control of the UN, the IAEA or another independent structure. This is a matter of survival,” urged Bogdan Bondarenko. He also drew a grim comparison between the ill-fated Chornobyl nuclear power plant and the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station, which must ring alarm bells. And if shelling the station was not enough, the Russians have placed active mines inside the ZNPP.

We can all wait to see how this unfolds and pray that another Chornobyl is not around the corner.

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