Russian Twitch Streamers Are Trolling Europeans By Streaming Burning Gas 24/7

People tend to find fun ways to troll their enemies; this generation has stepped up. They now dig their country’s enemies. For example, a twitch user apparently from Russia has been streaming his stovetop burning 24/7 while music plays in the background. The underlying meaning understood so far is that he is doing this to annoy Europe and the United States, which are currently suffering from inflation fueled mainly by the war in Ukraine.

The summary of the whole stream is a subtle “fuck you” to the West. 

“From Russia with Love!” Reads a message flashing on the livestream. The streamer states that running the burner constantly will only cost them $1.44 a month.

An Out of Gas signs in San Francisco, California, during the 1979 energy crisis.

The user (russiangas1) is an innovative person, and that’s for sure. However, the idea behind his gimmick is to reach the desired audience. Its avatar is an orc—a common derogatory depiction Ukrainians use for Russians—and a message in Russian at the top urges people to be good to each other. In the bottom left-hand corner is a picture of a riant man next to a rubber duck donning an aviator, a gold chain, and a helmet with a propeller. Motherboard endeavored to ascertain the identity of the streamer from Twitch but to no avail, as of now.

The account has been such a hit that other streamers are copying the idea.  

The account was registered on 11 September 2022; the first stream was carried out on the 17th. The first stream started on 17 September and ran continuously for 77 hours. In the meantime, the streamer gained 3000 followers and hit a peak viewership of 1,896. At the time of writing, russiangas1 is gaining steady popularity with videos of his stream circling social media. Ironically, the streamer also has a donations link on his stream for raising donations to buy an oven to go with their stoves.

Europe is facing an unprecedented shortage of natural gas. Europe relies on Russia for the lion’s share of its natural gas. But the ongoing war has changed everything; Europe has slammed sanctions on Russia, and in retaliation, Russia has halted the gas supply to Europe. With winters around the corner, Europe is scrambling to ensure the stoves, heaters, and industries keep running, but the situation seems grim. Germans are considering spinning up decommissioned nuclear power plants to meet their energy needs.

Meanwhile, russiangas1 keeps streaming his single burner running 24/7 on Twitch.

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